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Cineconcerts Rimusicazioni on tour

Do you want to organize a Cineconcert in your city? 

Battleship Potemkin


Esenstein's cinematic masterpiece is re-proposed in a rock key and in an incredible new version restored by artificial intelligence.



Impressionist cinema in a beautiful dream cineconcert by Supershock: voice and poetic rock. 


Yo Yo Mundi

Esenstein's masterpiece proposed in the historic film concert of Yo Yo Mundi.

Black Mail

Radio Days

The Trentino ensemble engages in a classic, restoring the atmosphere of an era to the viewer


Silent Porn Supershock


Supershock in a cinema concert with silent erotic and pronographic short films from the 1920s and 1930s from France and the United States,
The role of sex in culture, an exploratory journey into customs and the expression of sexual freedom at the beginning of the 20th century.
Production of Cineforum Bolzano and Musicarteatro.

The Man with the Movie Camera

Tiziano Popoli&Vincenzo Vasi

Moscow in the Soviet Union before the Stalinist decline 

presented in a film concert by the great Tiziano Popoli assisted here by the incredible Vincenzo Vasi

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